About us

Quality Policy


Liberty Manning Services Limited (LMSL) is committed to provide excellent personnel manning services to KOTC by providing them highly qualified, capable, professional and service-oriented Masters and Officers geared towards full satisfaction of its customer and stakeholder.

  • KOTC

    We shall endeavor to:

    • Maintain a pool of competent, quality conscious and highly motivated employees.
    • Implement measures to ensure accurate evaluation, selection and dispatch of Masters, Officers and Engineers.
    • Implement a Quality Management System, ensure MLC compliance and continuously improve its effectiveness.
    • Comply with statutory, regulatory & customer’s requirements.
    • Continuously implement “no placement fee” for its personnel recruits.
    • Equal employment opportunities in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations by administering our personnel policy programs and practices in a non-discriminatory manner in all aspects of employment relationship, including recruitment, work assignment, travel, promotion, transfer, termination, benefits, salary administration and selections for training.
    • Ensure that a safe, healthy, pleasant and supportive working environment for all its employees at Head Office.
    • Fair treatment in advancement, development and discipline. Our employees are valuable to the future of LMSL and are our greatest assets. As such, all decisions that directly affect an employee’s employment status will be fair and equitable.

    • These policy objectives shall be achieved by:
    • Ensuring compliance with relevant International Maritime laws, conventions, rules and regulations and observing recognised Marine Industry guidelines and standards;
    • Systems Standard;
    • Continuously improving organizational performance.
    • Achieving and sustaining Company’s performance so as to meet the requirements of KOTC;
    • Protecting the entrusted assets and capital by adopting efficient methods of operation;
    • Exercising due diligence in selection of key service providers, whose services may have significant Quality impacts and requiring them to comply with our Company’s policy, statutory, regulatory requirements and industry standards;
    • Ensuring that all persons working for and on our behalf, ashore and onboard, are aware of Company’s policy and their responsibilities, and are operating with awareness of their contribution to the effective functioning of it with emergency preparedness in mind;
    • Requiring all employees to be committed to achieve measurable Quality objectives and targets set in all levels, and reviewing it at regular intervals;
    • Requiring relevant functions and levels within the company to be determined and to comply with KOTC requirements with the aim of satisfying KOTC, without compromising quality;
    • Continually improve upon the effectiveness of implementation of the Quality Management System by providing required resources, including the training for the development of competent manpower;