About us

Vision - Mission



We are committed to be a leading manning agency and this commitment is demonstrated by the professionalism, dedication and actions of our employees, the reliability of our processes and the respect we have for the aspirations of our stakeholder.

  • KOTC


    To provide KOTC with competent highly skilled seafarers, with excellent work ethic and high standards of moral values and sense of loyalty, according to best industry practices to ensure that we fulfill our responsibilities towards our stakeholder.
    • Commit ourselves to our Vision.
    • Maintain a healthy and constructive relationship with our stakeholder in our business.
    • Build trust within our own organization.
    • Maintain a positive working atmosphere thus enabling creativity, innovation and teamwork.
    • Take and demonstrate our responsibilities towards development and maintenance of competence of our employees.
    • Recognize good performance of our employees
    • Fulfil Company’s expectations as the requirements of our processes.
    • Show visible continual improvement in results.